The Jamaican Villa Experience

Most people who visit Jamaica have heard about villas but do not pursue this option because of lack of knowledge.  Hotels and the all-inclusive package hotels are advertised extensively and are easy to book. Everyone knows how to check into a hotel and go to restaurants. However the fully staffed Jamaican villa, is relatively unknown.

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Why stay at a Jamaican villa instead of an all-inclusive hotel?

There are four great reasons…

  • Privacy and Space
  • Personal Attention and a Genuine Local Experience
  • The FOOD
  • Cost

Privacy and Space – No lines to wait in, no restaurant reservations to make…and NO CROWDS. Instead you have blissful privacy and the space to relax with your friends or family.  All our villas are located on large beautifully landscaped sites, most overlooking the sea.  And last, but not least, don’t overlook the privacy factor as a MAJOR contributor to stress reduction.

Personal Attention and a Genuine Local Experience -The attention you receive from the staff at the large hotels and all-inclusives, is minimal. All of our villas are fully staffed with cook, housekeeper, laundress and gardener. They are a large part of the villa experience. Many visitors return to the same villa year after year because of their attachment to the wonderful staff and the attention they receive.  The quote below is taken from a review of a recent guest.

“I miss the villa also but I miss the staff as much. They had the perfect balance of attentiveness and making us feel like we were alone there.  We came as strangers and left dear friends behind.  I can’t wait to go back and I pray the staff will be the same.”

The FOOD – Ask any repeat traveler to Jamaica where the best restaurant is and most will tell you “the villas”. Villa cooks are fantastic. They can whip up a wonderful western omelet or prepare a superb Jamaican specialty such as ackee and saltfish. It’s your choice. You can ask that the cook to “surprise” you with her Jamaican cooking skills, or work with her to plan out your meals. Our experience is that the food is so good you don’t even want to think about going out to a restaurant!


Cost – Imagine all this for less than you would pay to stay at most hotels or an all-inclusive resort. With typical prices ranging from $3,500 to $15,000 a week, and most properties accommodating six to 12 adults, the cost per person ranges from $450 to $1,000 per week. Add food, ground transportation and tips, and the average cost is $750 to $1,500 per person per week. Hard to beat!

SunVillas Jamaica Inaugural Blog Post

We are excited to be announcing this latest addition to our website because it’s a great way to share our unique experiences and knowledge about one of our favorite places on earth…Jamaica….and the joys of staying in a private, fully staffed Jamaican villa.

Our clients often tell us how nice it is to speak with real live people who actually know what they’re talking about when it comes to booking a villa in Jamaica.  We know Jamaica like no one else!  And so the very first thing we’d like to do is introduce you to the SunVillas team.

Meet the team
We thought you might like to know who is behind all those emails and phone calls, so here we are.

SunVillas Team_700The SunVillas Team…Reg, Donna, Alan and Latoya

Owners Reg Irvine and Alan Marlor started SunVillas in the mid 1990’s after spending a number of years vacationing in Jamaican villas.  Early on, they sensed that the uniqueness of a fully staffed Jamaican villa was not well known and that visitors to Jamaica were missing a wonderful travel experience.   Combining their marketing and technology expertise and thanks to the power of the newly developing internet, SunVillas was born.   Since that time their reputation in Jamaica is unexcelled. Reg was born and raised in Jamaica and between he and Alan, they personally know every villa and every villa owner/manager we represent.
Our full-time concierge, Latoya Soares, resides in Ocho Rios with her husband and two adorable 8-year old twin boys.  Latoya handles all the local details for your SunVillas vacation, including airport transfers, other ground transportation, meal planning, and tour accommodations for local trips and much more – basically whatever it takes to make your stay comfortable and memorable – and always with that beautiful smile of hers!
Villa Agent, Donna Kreutz works out of the SunVillas Fort Myers office and has known Reg and Alan since “way back” in their corporate days.  In fact, Donna and her husband were among some of the first SunVillas clients.  Donna looks forward to the team’s regular island visits and her knowledge and love of Jamaica is evident in the personal attention she provides each and every client who is searching for the perfect Jamaican villa vacation.
Frequent team visits keep our knowledge of the villas, staffs and owners current to guarantee your Jamaican villa vacation is the best possible experience ever.

In future blogs we’ll be addressing such subjects as “why a villa?”, “how a villa experience compares to an all-inclusive resort”… we’ll present featured villas, discuss some of the mouth-watering island cuisine, highlight some of Jamaica’s famous residents and visitors, and now and then we will even be presenting a few factoids about Jamaica that you might not know yet, but we’re pretty sure you’ll be surprised and entertained.