Purely Jamaican Souvenirs

A Jamaican villa vacation is worthy of any bucket list, and once you’re here it won’t take long to fall in love with our island and its people.  But now it’s nearly time to leave.  You’ve just stayed a week – maybe two if you were lucky – basking in the warm Caribbean sun, bathing in the crystal clear, azure blue water…dining on some of the most delicious food in the world and now…the time has come to get the bags packed and think about what you’re going to take home.  Yep, it’s time to think about…souvenirs.

Maybe it’s because you want to give a gift to someone when you return or maybe you just want something to remember your wonderful Jamaican villa vacation.  In any case…think about all the things purely Jamaican that you can share with friends and family when you return.  Jamaican artwork seems to top the list of favorites, but there are plenty more to choose from.

Here are some ideas shared by other visitors…hope they’re inspirational and help you find just the perfect souvenir.


  • “My suggestion as a keepsake for yourself is original artwork, which is typically watercolor & ink, sometimes oil or pastel. It can be rolled in a tube, to be later framed at home, and hung on a wall as a reminder of your trip.”
  •  “On our first trip we bought a black and white oil portrait of Bob Marley. We have a collection of black and whites of various artist, so we were thrilled.”
  •  “For my family I always purchase a carving or a piece of art. They too are my favorite purchases for myself.”
  •  “Wood carvings, rum cream, rum, blue mountain coffee, art work, Craven A cigarettes, seasonings, and clothes from downtown shops have all been gifts people have appreciated or that we have when we’ve come back home.”
  •  “Carved turtles with their names on them delighted the grand kids. The homemade bottle of jerk sauce direct from the villa chef thrilled the hot freaks.  A bottle or two of rum creme does it for us.” 
  • “I love the artwork, from carvings to paintings.”
  •  “For friends I love to bring back spices and sauces from Hi Lo and some of the various grocery stores.  Also Grey’s sauce for meat and fries. Jamaican shirts with flowers for the guys, they are so light weight and beautiful. Bags and purses for my gal pals.  For Moi: Jamaican floral dresses all colors and styles. They are great to wear in the heat here in Southern California.”

Let us know what choices you make.

Happy shopping!